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Travel + Logistics

Flights To/From Italy


Flights (and travel) is expensive right now but it also depends on the length of your stay.  Flying on a weekday tends to be least expensive as does a layover.  The lowest you'll pay is around $850 from NY and $1,200 from the West Coast/Idaho.  

We use Google Flights to track/find flights & Skyscanner for European carries when traveling between European cities.

Perugia Accommodations

Right now the Borgo will accommodate immediate family with a few exceptions.  We are advising that everyone book accommodations on their own with a flexible cancellation policy given COVID and any last minute changes.

Without a car, we are advising everyone stay in the town of Perugia since taxis are easily available and there is plenty to do, especially if you are only staying a short while.

Renting a Car & Transport

This all depends on your plans and personal choice.  Driving in Italy is fairly easy, however the trains are a great way to travel as well.  Our goal is to make it easy for those who do not want to drive to the venue.  

We have arranged for a bus on Monday the 18th at 1 PM to Perugia.  At the venue, we will have transportation arranged for those not staying on property and can arrange taxis if needed.  More details to come.


COVID:  Entering Italy


As of June 1st, Italy lifted its COVID entry restrictions and you do not need to show proof of vaccination to enter.  Anyone flying to or from Italy must wear an FFP2 mask but this may change as well.

COVID:  Around Italy

Bring masks just in case.  Masks must still be worn in some indoor areas: on public transport, in cinema, theaters, concert halls and indoor sports arenas, as well as in hospitals. This will be until at least June 15. Your mask must be a high-grade FFP2 for all those places except hospitals.


Additionally, individual venues, including galleries and museums, may impose their own mask mandates.

COVID:  Leaving Italy


Leaving Italy NO LONGER requires a negative COVID test as of June 12th, finally!


Weather in Umbria in July

July is the second warmest (and busiest) month behind August reaching the 80s, however the evenings are lovely.  While events start later in the day when the sun is setting, it will still be hot, so be prepared.

Pre + Post

Pre-Wedding Plans

We will be in Rome the weekend before the wedding (July 15th - 17th) and would love to spend time with anyone who is around.

We are working on arranging an optional drinks with family & friends on Saturday July 16th around 8:30 PM in Rome.


We will be heading south to Naples, spending a week on the Island of Ischia where we got engaged.  Please reach out if you have interest as we will most likely be with family and friends.  We have not arranged transport back to Rome but we can help out with arrangements - some people are headed to the airport so feel free to reach out.

Wedding + Attire

Wedding Events

Of course it's a 3 day event - there will be a Welcome Dinner, Wedding, and Pool Party Brunch.  The actual Wedding Day does not start until 5 PM, so explore Perugia/Umbria the morning of or just relax.  The wedding evening itself will go to late (think 1 AM - 4 AM), so get some rest prior.  

For the final day Pool Party, please feel free to stay the whole day or come and go as you please - we know people are eager to explore other areas.  We will have food and drink.

Welcome Dinner Attire

Summer Casual;  Our welcome dinner will be a pizza party in a very rustic setting.  Dress comfortably but feel free to have fun!

Wedding Day Attire


Cocktail Attire/Summer Polished; Classy and elegant, but comfortable as it will be Italy in July. Think linen or lightweight suiting, elegant summer dresses in fun colors. Italian Villa Vibes.  Feel free to dress this up as much as you wish. 

Pool Party Attire​

Tanks and Trunks;  Just be mindful of unfortunate tan lines. 

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